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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Friday8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed Alternate Fridays
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Office Location

1001 W. Center St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8100

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Jodie Estarziau, Chief of Police

Manteca Neighborhood Watch

NNO2013-2.jpgNeighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to keep crime out of your community. In order for police to do their job they require information and more importantly need help from the citizens they serve.

Realistically you can’t have nor do you want a police officer in your neighborhood all the time. Criminals have a tendency to shop for neighborhoods who give the impression they don’t care, are not prepared and are easy targets for crime.

By belonging to a Neighborhood Watch group, you will be sending a message to potential criminals that you are well aware of whom your neighbors are, how to contact each other and work as a team and that you are not afraid to call the police. You and your neighbors are the truly the only ones that really know what is going on in your neighborhood. You set tolerances and when individuals or groups of individuals start to go beyond those tolerances, you then team up with the police and retain the neighborhood you desire.

To start a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood you need to do the following things.

Neighborhood Watch SignFirst call the crime prevention unit at 209-456-8124 and ask to start a NHW in your area. You will then be instructed to do the following.

In order for neighborhood watch to be effective you need participation from your neighbors. You need to contact as many as you can to determine if they are going to help you. Most meetings are held on a Monday evening around 7:00 PM, and are held outside in the driveway or sometimes depending on the weather in a garage or a host home. You will need at least 50% of your neighborhood to attend the first meeting where the Public Affairs Officer attends and discusses the advantage of neighborhood watch and how the police department works with the neighborhood.

The officer will talk about how the police department works with the community on preventing crime, how they respond to crimes in progress and how the investigation process works. The neighborhood participants also learn valuable information on how to prevention and deter common crimes, how to report suspicious activities and how to develop their program into a continual success.

Lincoln-Shooting-DSC_3120a.jpgOnce the neighborhood has completed its meeting and 50% of the neighborhood has attended the orientation meeting the City of Manteca will put up Neighborhood Watch signs. These signs are placed at strategic locations in and around the neighborhood. Also, each home that participates receives a decal for the front and back of the home saying they are NHW members. From that point on participants set the pace for participation. Other officers and city services can come to the neighborhood for meetings. You are also encouraged to have a "National Night Out" block party in your neighborhood as a way to show you are active NHW members and to show your years success. National Night Out is held the 1st Tuesday of August every year.

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